The Great Pacific Northwest

Oregon Mountains

Oregon Mountains

Oregon is known as the Beaver State, but for us it will always be known as " The Land of Green" for we have yet to see greener landscapes. Ironically we didn't see any beavers!  What we saw were vast forests, colossal mountains and a jaw dropping coastline that rivals the most exotic countries . The tallest Douglas firs dominated the woodlands and seemed to go on forever. We would spent eight days on the road, exploring the northwestern state, driving through all kinds of weather and terrain along the way. Our journey took us from the mountains of Central Oregon to its majestic coast. The giant rock formations and jagged peaks that dominated the beaches seemed to be under constant attack, as massive waves from the Pacific Ocean pounded them mercilessly.  After this trip, we came back home with a deeper appreciation for the landscape and beauty of our own country. Here are some images we captured on our journey....


Before Oregon none of us had stepped foot inside an RV, let alone live in one for eight days. We would end up driving through nearly all of west Oregon shooting, editing, eating and sleeping on the road. By the end of our journey we had put in well over 1000 miles making this one of our longest road trips to date. We slept in forests, mountains, plains, cliffs and beaches. Sometimes the story of how we captured the images is the most interesting. Here are some behind the scene shots from our adventure.


This trip presented us with some breathtaking views and experiences to last a lifetime. Here's a small sample of our eight days on the road and the jaw dropping scenery. This is Oregon...


Oregon, the majestic Coast captured over several days. Calm, rough and tranquil all at the same time.