The land of Fire and Ice

Huge mountains, vast landscapes, roaring seas, a land of Fire and Ice. Iceland was the experience of a lifetime, never have we seen such diverse and indescribable beauty. We can’t say whether it was the ice worlds of the south or the mountains of the north that left such an impression on us. Countless waterfalls decorated the roadways as we traveled from one side of the country to the other. Thousand year old glacial ice littered the black sanded beaches of the southeast shores. Wild Icelandic horses and reindeer roam freely throughout the country. A world so wild and untamed only seems possible in the imagination of a child.


Getting the shot 


Of  course this is the best part of the whole experience, getting the shot. We had the time of our lives, hiking up mountains, driving across exotic terrains & trekking across glaciers. These shots take time, planning,  & dedication.  Long days on the road, cooking out the back of a vehicle and very little sleep. Then theres the weather, we came across driving winds, blizzard like conditions, sleet and the occasional sunshine. This isn't your typical vacation it's a mission driven by passion and love for what we do. 

-Photos curtesy of Mohamed Raza