Eastern California

Yosemite Valley     

Yosemite Valley


Yosemite National Park, Mono Lake & Death Valley, our Eastern California Adventure. The National Parks Service celebrates it's Centennial. The images featured in this section were captured over the course of a week during our trip.  All three places with unique landscapes offer distinct climates and points of view. Take a journey with us as we share this look at the West Coast/Eastern California and a small snippet of the  beauty in America.


Capturing these beautiful images is what we live for,  how we capture those images can sometimes be more interesting than the photos themselves.  Early mornings, late nights and dealing with mother nature are common challenges in the profession, it's tiring but rewarding. Multitudes of hours are dedicated to waiting for the right opportunity to take the shot.  In addition to planned destinations we made countless unscheduled stops to explore different terrains as we drove from one location to the other.  Being able to capture that shot you've envisioned in your mind makes it all worth while. Here are some of the behind the scenes shots of us on the road.


Sometimes a still image doesn't fully capture the entire scope, so video is necessary to properly portray the experience. We put together a small piece to highlight this recent adventure and hope you enjoy it.